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This is to notify you that we have detected high volumes of email marked as spam, or other suspicious behavior – port scanning, DNS flooding, originating from your organization/connection. For this reason, your link has been quarantined for 5 DAYS of which you may experience poor quality of service, inability to access/browse any http web site and send out emails. Kindly take necessary steps/action to clean up you network to avoid re-occurrence.

What could have caused this?

  • Your PC may be infected with a virus or botnet software program.
  • Your email server may contain a virus and has been sending out spam.
  • Your email server may be improperly configured.
  • Someone in your home/organization may have an infected PC with a virus or botnet program.
  • You may have an insecure wireless network which is allowing unknown users to use your network to send spam.
  • Your marketing department may be sending out bulk emails that do not comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Steps to take to stop/avoid spamming and clear/avoid Virus attacks.
  • Use up to date antivirus programs on all machines connected to the network
  • Do not open any forwarded ZIP files from unknown addresses
  • Use combinations of letters and numbers on passwords to avoid/reduce hacking
  • Avoid clicking on pop-ups when browsing
  • Never reply to any spam mails

Thank you for assisting us in controlling unwanted email.

Please contact our Call Centre on 0747 585 100 or should you require any further assistance.

JTL Management

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